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Ewa v Praze před/(po) autogramiádou/(ě) (26.10.2010)

28. listopadu 2010 v 10:23 | AlíSeK69 |  Ewa - Gallery


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It's a relief to find soemone who can explain things so well

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in austria, semla are called "krapfen" (filled with apricot jam, vanilla pudding or plum puree) and since yesterday was the last day of the carnival, we ate them till we nearly burst... ;)nice pic of you in your studio!

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At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

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Ohhh så fina saker du visar oss !!Tack för de fina orden inne hos mig idag..det värmde..det var ett hårt slag för mig då jag tvingades lägga ner min butik..Kraaam Anette

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I’m also struggling with finding my voice and feeling like I should narrow it down. Or should I rather post about everything that excites me instead? I don’t have the answers. Also, should I just write? Or post photos too? And what about videos? Everyone are posting videos and having calls these days, but I’m not confortable with that – yet. Then what? So many questions. I just really want to share my take on the world. Inspire as many people as possible. (And make a living too, I have to eat.)Looking forward to your call!  Thank you,Marthe[]

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Hot damn, looking pretty useful buddy.

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This was a scary podcast. I am not going to consider SS as theft. I view it right now as keeping my parents above water. I might be able to draw and maybe not. I will never be prepared as i am now 48. Every time i take 2 steps forward in my preps and saving, i have something set me back;Current score: 0

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Non è il mio genere, non credo lo vedrò... non mi pare proponga niente di nuovo, né stilisticamente né sotto il piano della storia... ma capisco che tu lo aspetti con impazienza per ragioni tue. ;)

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Oh, I agree, he should feel the full weight of the law, I am far from sympathetic towards him…he is a pedophile.What troubles me, is the wall of silence in what I consider, a far worse crime, not only by the Muzzbot freaks who raped, drugged, prostituted, beat, threatened & impregnated white underage girls, but from the police, social services & local government of Rotherham, Oldham, Rochdale, Derby, Oxford and every other town and city that these repugnant invaders have given themselves a diversity base to abuse the indigenous population.   28 likes

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